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GraphQL Middlewares

Casbin follows the officially suggested way to provide authorization for GraphQL endpoints by having a single source of truth for authorization: . In another word, Casbin should be placed between GraphQL layer and your business logic.

// Casbin authorization logic lives inside postRepository
var postRepository = require('postRepository');

var postType = new GraphQLObjectType({
name: 'Post',
fields: {
body: {
type: GraphQLString,
resolve: (post, args, context, { rootValue }) => {
return postRepository.getBody(context.user, post);

Supported GraphQL middlewares

A complete list of Casbin GraphQL middlewares is provided as below. Any 3rd-party contribution on a new GraphQL middleware is welcomed, please inform us and we will put it in this list:)

MiddlewareGraphQL ImplementationAuthorDescription
graphql-authzgraphqlCasbinAn authorization middleware for graphql-go
graphql-casbingraphql@esmaeilpourAn Implementation of using Graphql and Casbin together