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Admin Portal

We provide a web-based portal called Casdoor for model management and policy management:

model editor

policy editor

There are also third-party admin portal projects that use Casbin as an authorization engine. You can get started building your own Casbin service based on these projects.

CasdoorCasbinReact + Ant DesignBeegoBased on Beego + XORM + React
go-admin-team/go-admin@go-admin-teamVue + Element UIGingo-admin Based on Gin + Casbin + GORM
gin-vue-adminflipped-auroraVue + Element UIGinBased on Gin + GORM + Vue
gin-admin@LyricTianReact + Ant DesignGinRBAC scaffolding based on Gin + GORM + Casbin + Ant Design React
go-admin@hequan2017NoneGinGo RESTful API gateway based on Gin + GORM + JWT + RBAC (Casbin)
zeus-adminbullteamVue + Element UIGinUnified Permission management platform based on JWT + Casbin
IrisAdminApi@snowlygVue + Element UIIrisBackend API based on Iris + Casbin
Gfast@tiger1103Vue + Element UIGo FrameAdmin portal based on GF (Go Frame)
echo-admin (Frontend, Backend)@RealLiuShaVue 2.x + Element UIEchoAdmin portal based on Echo + Gorm + Casbin + Uber-FX
Spec-Center@atul-wankhadeNoneMuxGolang RESTful platform based on Casbin + MongoDB