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Casbin 적용 사례

Direct Integration

VMware HarborVMware's open source trusted cloud native registry project that stores, signs, and scans content.CodeBeego ORM
Intel RMDIntel's resource management daemon..conf.csv
VMware DispatchA framework for deploying and managing serverless style applications.CodeCode
SkydiveAn open source real-time network topology and protocols analyzer.Code.csv
ZenpressA CMS system written in Golang..confGorm
Argo CDGitOps continuous delivery for Kubernetes..conf.csv
Muxi CloudPaaS of Muxi Cloud, an easier way to manage Kubernetes clusters..confCode
EngineerCMSA CMS to manage knowledge for engineers..confSQLite
Cyber Auth APIA Golang authentication API project..conf.csv
Metadata DBBB archive metadata database..conf.csv
Qilin APIProtocolONE's licenses management tool for game content.Code.csv
Devtron LabsSoftware Delivery Workflow For Kubernetes..confXorm

Integration via Plugin

DockerThe world's leading software container platformcasbin-authz-plugin (recommended by Docker).conf.csv
GobisOrange's lightweight API Gateway written in gocasbinCodeRequest