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Before reading, please note that some tutorials are for the Casbin's model and work for all Casbin implementations in different languages. Some other tutorials are language-specific.

Our Papers​

This paper digs deeply into the design details about Casbin. Please cite the following BibTex if you use Casbin/PML as a reference in your paper:

title={PML: An Interpreter-Based Access Control Policy Language for Web Services},
author={Luo, Yang and Shen, Qingni and Wu, Zhonghai},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.09756},

This is another longer-version paper published in Journal of Software. The citation for different formats (Refworks, EndNote, etc.) can be found at: (another version) Access Control Policy Specification Language Based on Metamodel (in Chinese)


PERM Meta-Model (Policy, Effect, Request, Matchers)​