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Yang Luo - Google Open Source Peer Bonus Winner

· One min read

Today, we are pleased to announce that Casbin's founder, Yang Luo is awarded the "Google Open Source Peer Bonus winners" for his work on Casbin, Npcap and Nmap in 2019 Q3.


The original award letter can be accessed here.

The Google Open Source Peer Bonus program is described as:

In the same way that a Google Peer Bonus is used to recognize a fellow Googler who has gone above and beyond, an Open Source Peer Bonus recognizes external people who have made exceptional contributions to open source.

The announcement for the 2019 winners is available at:

Yang and Casbin are listed among open source developers and projects that have a relevant impact out there, like Git, TensorFlow, V8, CPython, LLVM, Apache projects, Angular or Jenkins.

We are glad to see Casbin recognized in this way for its contribution to open source and cloud security!

Thanks for flying Casbin!