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Casbin Server is Launched!

· One min read
Helong Zhang

Some of our customers ask if Casbin can be used as a service instead of a library. The answer is YES. Today, we launched the Casbin Server project as a concrete solution for Access Control as a Service.

Casbin Server is under active development by our core team. It has several features:

  • Purely developed in Golang.
  • Can manage thousands of Casbin instances, so you can move policy enforcement logic from multiple services into one Casbin Server.
  • gRPC is used to communicated with Casbin Server. We also consider to add the RESTful support in near future.
  • A friendly web administrator portal is provided for non-developer administrators to manage all details like Casbin instances, models, policy storage and load balancing.

The source code is hosted on GitHub:

Any issues or pull requests are welcome :)